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5 Ways to Keep it Chic on a Bad Hair Day

Posted on February 24 2018

We all have one of those days where your hair is just not working with you and you are having a bad hair day. Here are five trends and easy ways to keep it chic even on a bad hair day or just to add some flavor to your everyday look:


1. Head Wraps

For me, I always associated headscarves or head wraps to be worn at home but this decade has changed the idea of the headscarf. This trend is worn everywhere in so many ways. Whether it be for culture, bad hair days, fashion on the beach or just an accessory to complete a look. There are all sorts of scarves or wraps, it can be a bandana which is always dope. Silk scarves are a great and effortless throw on with beautiful different patterns and prints to choose from. Turbans were once used mostly for religious or traditional purposes among Nigerians. Looking at the latest fashion shows the past couple of years the turban is in. It is easy to tie and styled differently. In Nigeria, it has almost replaced the popular gele tied with aso oke or damask. Turbans are now the new cool.I was faced with a dilemma the other day as I usually throw on a hat when I have a bad hair day. But when you have a cornrow style that goes into a bun it's pretty tricky. So I decided to get creative, keeping that twist knot method in mind I decided to use a button down from my closet. I folded it about twice and twisted the arms and used it to wrap it around my bun really tight to give you that very cultured turban look.  Be creative and don't be afraid to wear your scarf outside the house. 

Turbans TrendsBad Hair DaysTurban Trend

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day

2. Dad Hat

I wear many hats, it's my favorite accessory. Baseballs caps aka Dad Hats have always been a go-to style for me.  I read an article in Vogue and they even said its "Perfect for keeping the sun off the skin, hiding the tell-tale signs of late-night parties, masquerading any bad-hair days and a great selfie prop, the baseball cap is essentially the perfect all-year-round accessory." 

People used to associate the baseball cap to be for a bummy day when wearing sweats or doing sports. Today you can find all sorts of fashionistas in baseball caps with heels/blazers, it has been styled with some amazing high fashion looks on the runways  You name it. The dad hat has a way to make every look effortlessly cool. 

Rihanna in a Dad Hatnorth west dad hat

dad hat

3. Brimmed Hats

This style hat is no new trend in the game. Classy and lovely, the wide brim hats are everyone's favorites. I love these hats because you can wear them for any occasion. Today there are many different shapes, styles, different heights of brimmed hats. Find a hat that fits you and your style. A good quality brim hat can make a basic look into a high fashion runway look.

hat trends

cassie hat

Beyonce hat grammy



4. Berets are Back

Who remembers clueless? I was a big fan and I always loved Cher's hats. She rocked the beret. With Black Panther, the number one movie out right now, and all this black magic being sprinkled everywhere, the beret has made a huge comeback. One of the top hats for fall/ winter 2017-2018 on the runways was, in fact, the beret. Originally a European look but it is made to easily look just right for anyone in the world. Appearing in leather as well as other materials, the beret both served as a hat and a statement piece that did very little to protect the head. It is rather enticing though and looks spectacular with most outfits one wears out.

beret trend

Beyonce beret grammy  

5. Newsboy Cap

Back in the day before the Black Panther, or some superhero we all wanted to be like Popeye the sailor man. He is known for his strength by eating spinach and also for his fashion and choice of hats. He wore his signature hat, what I call the captain hat. Pageboy, newsboy, baker boy… no matter what you call it, we can all agree on one thing: This hat is stylish and not going anywhere anytime soon. People are ditching those wide-brimmed hats this year in favor of a newsboy cap.This past NYFW I saw so many fashionista and models keeping it chic with their newsboy hat. Everyone has been sporting the Oliver Twist-approved topper this season, and you can too. There’s no denying the retro, menswear-inspired accessory makes a fancy finishing touch to your outfit.

newsboys capjanet jackson hat

newsboys cap trend



No matter what your style — from dressy to sporty — Put a cap on it! 



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