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#JoWears: Brunch Chic

Posted on July 31 2017

Tis' the season to brunch. People my age have merged into the "don't do clubs" stage in life where most of us prefer going to brunch or a day party rather then going out for a late night out clubbin. The other day I went out for a friends birthday for brunch and wanted to wear something that screamed, festive, NY, brunch chic. As always pulling things out of my closet that I forget that I even own. I wore a striped buttoned down crop blue top from H&M with a very festive dark fuschia skirt with yellow beads accents from Virgo Lounge. My shoes are from a random ma and pop shop in New York that I pass by everyday on 14th street union square area on the way home from work. This outfit was very simple and laid back and was so much fun. 



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