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  • Not Too Shabby

    Posted on May 12 2016

    Sometimes I like to dress up. For a nice sunny spring day out in city out to brunch or rooftop day party, or maybe hot first date. This look is...

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  • Rockstar101

    Posted on April 27 2016

    Feeling rebellious today? Here is a basic look I created for my rockstar moments. #Rockstar101 !

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  • #IRatherBeAtCoachella

    Posted on April 11 2016

    For all fellow hippies. Here are some of my basic looks for summer for a chill kick back, cookout, or for those going to Coachella... Here are some go to...

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  • #JoPicks: Rock Out In Spring

    Posted on March 09 2016

          The sun is out and spring is creeping up on us. its my favorite time of the year: LEATHER WEATHER!!! Transitioning from winter to spring could be...

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