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"Soulmate" Written by Johanna Desrosiers

Posted on January 13 2016

Is there even such a thing?
Do I ask this because I haven't find mines yet
See a soulmate is the one who buys  you the diamond ring
Or the one who won that dumb bet
Ok ok supposedly it means for every one person there's one person for them
Like Amy & Dickson or Shayna and Fergerson
Guess I gotta wait my turn
Patience is what I must learn
Guy to guy, come knocking on my door
But none catch my eye or even qualify
is my guy right under my nose
Working on the same floor
Or maybe the dude who gave me that rose
Show yourself.
Is there even such a thing??
If so why can't he come already
And tell me the wedding date
Maybe I'm in too much of a rush
but you see I got this crush
But I'm not sure if he's the one
The one to father my daughter and son
The one I dream about
The one I can't live without
The one who knows how to love me
And doesn't need me to tell him how to
The one he kept for me?!
Is there even such a thing??
Lord give me a clue
I'm waiting for you
To show me the one you saved
Mistakes... I already made
What if God already told me who?
And I've been just a fool...
Is he my soulmate?
That one I used to call my boo
way back from high school
if I'm not for him then why does my heart tell me that I am
Every time I see him my heart stops like damn
Why would god install this feeling in me If he's not for me
This isn't fair
Cupid shot me with his dart
And now He has my heart
I try to erase
Ugh!! I can't stop seeing his face
Every guy I try to replace him with
Doesn't even come close a little bit
Are we the "perfect fit".....
I say He's my "soulmate."
but SHE is HIS!!!!
Am I too late?
Is there even such a thing???
Am I going to marry someone I love but won't be my...
should I trust fate
To bring me my mate
or do I settle for the 2nd guy inline
That 09 dime
To take his last name
Seems like its all a game
A game called find your soulmate
And I lost too many times
Smh this is great!
I may never find mine

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