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“The Journey To Success” Written by Johanna Desrosiers

Posted on January 13 2016


The journey to success is a lonely path.

You may start with a partner, friends, and many supporters 

as you travel along the way, the road only gets harder

one by one your circle will get smaller. 

You begin to see their true colors

and understand the positions and purpose for each person.

They will say you change, but the truth is, you remained the same.

Bystanders and new friends will follow you for their own gain

when you are no use to them

they will disappear and literally block you to jump on the next bandwagon.

It’s insane things people do for fame.

They will say you forgot where you came from or who put you on.

They will call you “Hollywood” and “brand new” because you’re doing good.

You hear the stories all the time,

friends drifting apart,

oh, she’s different now,

And how he forgot about the hood.

Success is an old-fashion race.

You run at your own pace.

If they choose to ride it out, that’s great. If not it’s ok.

The journey to success is a lonely path.

Don’t expect a plus one. Some are just in it for fun.


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