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Posted on January 13 2016



recently i posted the video by Chris Brown crawl and explained how its important to take your time in life and in relationships. But now i have this song speeding which if you think about it in a general aspect it also shows you nothing is promised. Your time could be up anytime! That he or she could be gone. That you might not see tomorrow.You gotta CARPE DIEM!!! i know you may be crawling but sometimes you gotta start speeding time is your worst enemy. I dont know what tomorrow may bring so Im speeding. I know sometimes you wanna take your time and be precautious and "crawl" but like this song says time is up so he is speeding... Cherish the ones you love. Love hard. Go Hard Now dont wait till its too late weather if its for school, work, your boo, spiritually whatever. Enough crawling start speedin now !!! Time is moving fast!


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