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Posted on January 23 2016

Episode 3: Run to Miami 

This episode is when the crew is in Miami. If you didn't watch, click here to watch the full episode, its a good episode. When I say good, I mean interesting and got a lot a feedback good and bad. So here are my thoughts and I will also share some tips for assistants like me. So lets just fast forward to the end of the episode in the scene when Angela and I finally get a one on one with Kristina to discuss her not showing up. Disclaimer, I never said she was childish, producers will use your voice and place it anywhere to make it sound like you said something. Based on the comments on social networks I see a lot of people felt I had no say and that I am the help and should not have said anything, and a lot of people also feel we were being mean and inconsiderate. First, don't forget you guys are viewing it differently than the way it technically goes down. That one on one was the first time Kristina talked to us and apologized. We have no idea what is going on with her personally, you guys, the viewers see her reasons and understand but we are out that loop to us the artist ignored our calls and then last minute says she can't make it with no explanation. Second, being an assistant a lot of people sometimes may feel my job is considered "THE HELP" but, in reality, I run everything. The assistant is the go-to person. The assistant is just as important as a manager or stylist. I don't think overacted personally as it was very unprofessional for entertainment to ignore and then cancel a day of show. But I do think the producers and the way the scene was set up it made it look pettier in my opinion. I don't involve myself in much with nonsense but when it starts to shadow my work and puts me in a place where it looks like my job isn't done, I don't play. I work too hard. The episode was good and the ratings were probably good too so kudos the producers who know what they are doing. At the end of the day, its tv show and they have their goals to reach viewers a certain way. Not that it is not real but it is just decorated. 

On another note here are some tips for my fellow assistants. Remember you are held responsible for everything wrong. Everything is your fault and when things are going right don't expect to be praised lol. It's a cut-throat position. It is not easy but it is your job. So take everything seriously. This is why in this episode I have to be more vocal, the entertainment, not showing up is pushed back on my lap to handle. Of course, you want everything to go smooth but my advice just always prepare for the worst. You are in charge and do whatever it takes to make it work. I may have the in-person workshop to discuss in details ways to make it work and how to handle things when you are in a situation like this. 

My second tip is to never look at yourself as the HELP as I said I saw many comments calling me such and I know personally many people who don't respect my position. Or maybe just can never do my job. Hence key work MY job. #BEINGAPA is for only specific people. For the strong ones, someone who can no only handle their own but someone else. They can see you the help but the truth is in most cases with personal assistants, they are more the BOSS then the boss is. The assistant has to make executive decisions and run things themselves. Where in many assistants and celeb clients I noticed the celebrity it literally just the face and the assistant runs the business. So my tip never let someone downgrade your position. You have a tough job. But I promise you almost 99% of the time it's a better job then the one who is calling you the help the other 1% they just want your position. 
That's all for now. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer to best of my ability. Everyone's feedback is important to me as you learn from listening to others. Below is Next week's episode sneak peek. 


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