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Binge This: The Ultimate List of TV Series and Movies to Watch Online

Posted on March 21 2018

Looking for a new show or movie to watch on your day off. Have no fear, JOJO is here!! I am your ultimate binge watcher. To watch tv for me is a getaway. Watching television and movies isn't just entertainment, for me its something where I can let my mind stop racing for a moment, to be able to relax for a little not worry about my stress but to be able to focus on the characters and situation in the movie or show. If only I can get paid for watching it. But I learn a lot from watching these shows and sometimes I am able to apply things to my own life or learn a lot about myself. 
I have watched many tv series in less than a day. Yes, I am one of those once I start I will not stop. Here are some of my all-time favs. This is the ultimate list of tv series and movies to binge watch. You will find some oldies but goodies that are always good to watch again in order and some new movies or shows that you will enjoy.

the ultimate list of tv series to binge watch

(if it isn't on Netflix I added another platform where you can stream)



  1. One Tree Hill - an oldie but goodie. Love triangles, family drama, and be prepared for some tears. 
  2. The OC (Hulu) - similar to one tree hill. The ending will have you surprised. A tissue box is required. 
  3. Weeds - in the suburbs a caucasian mother struggling to pay bills and take care of her children decides to get into the drug business. This show is funny but very informative about the dangers and tricks of the drug business.  
  4. Breaking Bad - old caucasian father who is dying wants to be sure his family is How when he dies, so he decides to get into the drug business and becomes the top dealer. this show is sometimes slow but one of the best shows I binged ever. 
  5. Prison Break - another classic. this show is one of my tops. and they just last year came back out with the new season. for those interested in adventurous and action-filled and suspenseful drama. 
  6. Dexter - this show will for once have you rooting for the bad guy. Crime, action, suspense all in one. 
  7. Friends - yes I watched from episode one for the first time, I was so excited. Love this show it is a great show that shows the different situations and relationships of friends. 
  8. Gossip Girl - when this show was out 
  9. The Killing - this show is very suspenseful. drags a little but def worth a watch 
  10. Bloodline - some families there is drama, and in others, there is more drama. Very short in seasons but a good watch. 
  11. Greys Anatomy - do not be alarmed by the number of seasons. Take your time, but this show is worth it. You will need a tissue box for every other episode. 
  12. Orange Is the New Black - I'm sure you all know about this one or heard of it. I had to keep it on my list. One of my favorite shows. Gets a little dry at like season 3 but the last season is outstanding. Perfect wait for the next season. 
  13. Stranger Things - if you don't know Google. One of the top streamed shows ever. So good. 
  14. Shameless - we often see caucasian portrayed in the suburbs or just a perfect family. This show is hilarious and very real. 
  15. Orphan Black (Amazon) - this show is very sci-fi-ish and controversy. You may need to rewind to fully understand some terms, but it is terrific. 
  16. Ozark - a family, gets caught up with the wrong people and now is forced to be on the run and getting into crimes. I can't wait for the new season. I expect some more action revealing itself. 
  17. Friends from College - a little dry but very relatable. new season coming 
  18. Atypical - good show. Love being able to get the point of view of how a kid with autism copes in high school. Funny show. 
  19. 13 Reasons Why - if you haven't already, get with it. This is one of the most significant controversy shows on Netflix. I must say one of my favorites though. They way they put this show together and tell the story. Very relatable although you will probably yell at the television and curse some of the kids out every episode. 
  20. Narcos - hard to watch since its most Spanish and you have to do a lot of reading. But very informative learning the lifestyle, the logistics to move drugs and history. I find myself rooting for Pablo at the end. documentary style but very entertaining
  21. Dear White People - weird edits at a time, very dramatic but excellent storylines and great situations mentioned in the show
  22. Black Mirror - the only show on Netflix that you can watch out of order. I must say the first episode is intense. Maybe start small with my favorite episode: Season 3 Episode 1. You can browse from there. 
  23. The Handmaids Tale (Hulu) - this show will have you shocked and shaking boots wondering what kind of sick, corrupt mind would think of such a series. Although very intense and somewhat sad this show is very suspenseful and you keep watching to find out what happens. 
  24. Runways (Hulu) - this show seems like it is a bit, Disney, like but it got pretty good when a group of friends finds out their parents are not such good people after all. 
  25. The Get Down - hustle and grind in the music world back in the day. how a kid from the hood makes it. Dope show. 
  26. Riverdale - if your a pretty little liar fan this show will be right up your alley. suspenseful, crimes, love all in one. 
  27. On My Block - it's funny and even funnier high lol. A story following four kids opposite of strange things. I watched this in one day. Soo good. They truly show the definition of the squad. 
  28. Parenthood - (Hulu) I am only on season 2, but I love this show. Funny, family-oriented, and drama. 
  29. Seven Seconds - this new series touches on a subject that we hear too much in today's news. This suspenseful drama is really good. Excited to see what season 2 has to offer.
  30. Girl Boss - although after only one season they canceled this series. this one season is worth a watch. For all the Girl Bosses. Be motivated and inspired! 
  31. Wayward Pines - This is sorta like the walking dead just a little bit weirder. If you are one of those sci-fi heads or people who are always what the future may hold and just weird things this series is right up your alley. It is really good, I was hooked. 
  32. Revenge  - (Hulu) 
  33. Blacklist - This show is very complicated at first but very good. Suspense and problem-solving. 
  34. Famous In Love - Guilty pleasure is a little Hollywood drama. 
  35. Queen of the South - somewhat similar to WEEDS but less comedy. i love seeing a Women boss and what better drama then when things are done illegally. 
  36. Dynasty - rich people drama is never just so simple as it seems. secrets lies and drama make a good series. 
  37. Money Heist - after rewatching the first episode a thousand times I finally got into it and I must say this series is the
  38. All American - drama and sports. good enough to watch
  39. Elite - with some familiar faces from Money Heist you fall in love with this drama too.
  40. Hip-Hop Evolution - this is a documentary-style series but it is really good. it made me fall in love with Hip Hop and how much it has grown over the years
  41. Love is Blind  - A dating reality tv show. Will open up your mind to different ways to fall in love with someone. 
  42. Too Hot to Handle - Another competition show but surprising interesting to watch people try hard not to have sex
  43. The Circle - A social media competition. This is basically people quarantined in a room and they get to know strangers and try to figure who is real or not. 
  44. Dead to Me - This series is very unpredictable and I love that. Can't wait to see if they come back with another season 
  45. Friends From College - Friendships are messy.
  46. Jane The Virgin - Never would have thought a telenovela would be so fire. Seasons on seasons to see who Jane ends up with but you won't regret it. Funny and cute. 
  47. Fuller House - if your a fan of Full House the new version with them older is just as good although Michelle isn't on it the new characters make up for that. very cute and funny
  48. Little Fires Everywhere - I love a show that answers questions along the way. keeps you interested. this story was told very well
  49. Desperate Housewives - I know I am late to the party but I had to put this on the list. I am about to watch the series all over again because it is that good. 
  50. Good Girls - this show is not your typical family show. 
  51. Big Little Lies (Hulu) - this show will have you sitting on the edge of your couch 


  1. When We First Met - this comedy, the love story is really good. A great message at the end. 
  2. The Founder - Literally one of my most favorite movies of all. Inspirational, informative. I learned so much and had so many AHA moments. 
  3. Love Beats Rhymes - good storyline somewhat similar to your Save the Last Dance love movies. 
  4. Before I Wake - I am not a fan of scary movies, but this one is a little different. Be sure to watch until the end. 
  5. Bright - a lot of subliminal. This movie is hilarious, and Will Smith is in it, so you know it good.
  6. Seven Pounds - classic movie now playing on Netflix. must see I mean Will Smit is in it. 
  7. Come Sunday - funny I accidentally watched this and it was good. not your average "church" drama and based on a true story. funny cuz the daughter was a contestant on The Four. 
  8. Roxanne Roxanne - the story of a female rapper.  
  9. A Question of Faith - get your napkins there will be waterfalls. 
  10. Room - I always wonder what happens to someone after such a tragic story. this movie gives you the emotions and the struggles from a young woman who is kidnapped as a teen, raped for years and gives birth, and finally gets away after years of abuse and raising her child in a ROOM. 
  11. The Willoughbys - I love a good animation movie with a good lesson. 
  12. Bleed For This - nothing like a classic boxing movie. So good.
  13. The Kissing Booth - Very cute. Get a tissue box. 
  14. To All The Boys I've Loved Before - really cheesy but so cute
  15. To All the Boys... (Part 2) - still cheesy first one is better tho
  16. The Perfect Date - another romance and reminder that nothing is perfect
  17. Dear John - helpless romantic, real tears
  18. Always Be My Maybe - A MUST WATCH if you're into romantic shit. 
  19. Set it Up - cheesy but cute 
  20. Nappily Ever After - movie for all Black Girls 
  21. The Spectacular Now 
  22. About Time - great movie. things people to have more time and for love
  23. Extraction - action-packed unexpected ending 
  24. A Bad Mom's Christmas - funny and cute. love it for moms and daughters. 
  25. All Day and a Night - inside your homeboy's mind

I will continue to update this list as I go, and share some of the new shows I watched for the month. I am only putting shows I watched here and recommend to others to view.


Happy binging guys!!


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