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To My Hookah Queens & Feins

Posted on January 08 2017

The metal machine's full of fruit that brings flavor, to encase the tobacco are a favorite to socially bring friends together since 1775. The smoking pipes began in India, years ago not only smoking tobacco. Years later the machine and attached water pipes became a new way of smoking tobacco, many lounges showcase a hookah bar/ clubs including a dance lounge.

My friend's and I have been to numerous hookah bars, all in the U.S. Currently looking for a favorite spot in Jersey. When I am looking for a local spot I tend to go to a Meddertirian spot in Montclair, i love their lounge area the decor is amazing and the place  is BYOB . I have my eye on a lounge called Alladin which I have been to twice.

I personally enjoyed many flavors in the tobacco hookah like mint, fantasia, Tangerine's, cherry, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry and blue mist. Every lounge has a different type of flavors and an array of pipes, some places have special hookah machines, and the cut out in the middle has cut out fruit or hookah foil to keep the tobacco coals hot. It's more convenient and safer for close contact germ spreading to use the hookah in-house. Setting up the hookah machine is really complicated outside of the club machine to clean the pipes. But if you are hookah friendly like me you will end up walking around the house with four hookah machines.

Dubai is on the bucket list for architecture, new city building structures, dancing, entertainment, music, and hookah. Because of its location is it obviously one of the best places to get the original hookah experience. One of the most prized places is Dubai are the entertainment lounges, the hookah machines are called shisha outside of the US. QD's, Lounge and Hookah Bar, off of Port Saeed, it sits on the sea port with open space and a breeze, a great place to enjoy the best food in the native land. Also, Jerusalem has great Hookah bars, seeing that it is a middle eastern country with the tradition, the bar and lounge called Zoulli's club is the spot to go to on the weekend with a tropical land feeling. Another hot spot I hope to attend is in Australia, although they banned cigarette's, the water smoking pipes are not. Only eight lounges for hookah, in Australia. The top rated lounge is ZuZu Lounge Oakleigh, it seems to be an inexpensive hookah spot and an indoor bar. Let's travel to Paris and smoke hookah under the stars, the Sahara Café a mederteranin inspired lounge with welcoming people and a mix of Middle Eastern Cuisine. Hopefully, all of these places will be traveled to and seen.

Here are some pro's and tips to the hookah experience, I find that using fruit as pineapples, make the hookah more smooth and flavorful. Why not have your fruit intake the same time. The hookah experience is smooth when using hookah coils in a non-silver machine with leather tubes. I have seen some people use ice to give the smoke an ice chill, some people use milk, but I'm not sure how long it will stay good seeing that the hot smoke is running through the milk.

Even with all the fun that hookah brings, I want to bring some facts to my audience. Usually, a hookah smoker waits until after picking the flavor of tobacco and pipe to pick the coals. There are many pro's and con's to hookah. But picking the right coals are just as important as the flavored tobacco. Making sure the coals are reset and sealed is the first step. Quick lighting coals are normally used to light the hookah machine and do light fast but burn out quick, natural coals burn much longer. There are even coals on the market that are made from %100 recyclable husk of a coconut, with no smell. Another interesting new idea is The Titanium hookah coal which burns evenly over a long period of time adds to the tobacco already burning. A coal burner which comes with the hookah machine is lit 7-10 minutes. The cleanest charcoal with the highest quality and natural when smoking.

A moderate amount of heat is for the coils is better. A coal that burns too hot can take the flavoring out of the sisha, causing it taste burnt. Hookah can be an alternative to a cigarette, but one hour of smoking hookah can equivalate to 100 cigarettes. Although smoking hookah with friends is a stress reliever, but do look out for a quick head rush when taking hookah. I myself have to take more precautions as I tend to smoke hookah often and don't realize I am possibly doing the same damage as cigarettes. Although I try to find ways to make Hookah more natural, it is still tobacco.


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