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Meet Kristen Walker

Posted on January 22 2017

The Caribbean artist Kristen Walker is a combination of R&B and reggea, fitting into not just one genre. Her four songs, Sad Magic, Wind Blows, All of Loving, Confusion show a transition in musical styles from 2014 to 2016. The album has no specific title and features a few songs on her EP but the Caribbean native is working with all type of different producers and she writes all of her own music. The newcomer is influenced by the likes of Carin Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald, Lykke Li and Bob Marley an unlikely mix of influences all across the genre's of music from classic reggae and new age alternative, but trust if you listen you can hear the mixes in her voice.

In the video, "Wind Blows" she walks through a small field with the attitude of love exuding through the black dress and barefoot road she runs on while singing "Wind Blows" which is more of a description of her voice than her video. The Barbados native combination of her hometown natural waters and aspirations to ascend above all are shown. I love her free as a bird attitude standing on the edge of a cliff while seeing the sea, her voice reflects the ever-changing movement of water singing her resting melodies.

Her most recent single "All of my Loving" a classic reggae riddim from the early 2000's she sings that on you if you lose this love. With a slow dropping of the electric beat, the music automatically makes you want to move your hips. A basement vibe hit with the likes of a Lykke Li style of singing while playing with her voice. The unraveling of rhythm beats while playing with her voice though the melody can always put you in a trance. Horns and all at the end.


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