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Meet the New Kids On the Block

Posted on October 23 2016

Being Haitian and listening to all genre's of music allows me to explore music. I love Haitian music, the beat and the way it makes me feel. The rhythm's, bass the guitars all make me move. Always loved the sound and vibe. The internet has opened up the world to embrace Jamaican music and Spanish music. Now a days more and more I see people of all cultures dancing to Haitian music and especially African music. Thanks to artists that represent their countries and where they from like Selena, Sean Paul and Jidenna, they all have made a name for themselves and put on for their country. But what about Japanese and Korean music?!? 

On the internet on Youtube, tinkering around on the computer, the first group I discovered broke into the US with Korean/Japanese rap. Keith Ape is apart of the Under Water Squad. The song “It G Ma” a  Korean title, easily spelled differently for English understanding meaning “Don’t Forget”. Dont forget there crew, there flyness and swag. Korea was owned by Japan in 1945, when they were decolonized they became their own entity. The song brings the gap between the 2 countries. How did he get the name Keith Ape? He named himself after the Artist Keith Herring, the rapper always repping his Bape and Ape threads, perfect match. The cultural influence is clear and his excitement for rap music is a win win fit for the culture. The chorus says “Orca Ninja’s go Rambo” meaning even he understand's the American classic film rap combat required in all types of rap battles. After the fall of the Military government in 1980's the influence of rap has grown since, it opened up doors for all American culture. By 1988 all types of American music influenced Korea. A culture full of drinks, fly clothes and lots of attitude they seem to somehow embody the style of rap from half way across the world. Two rap artist in the crew Under Water Squad are Keith Major and JayAllday take a listen:  

Arigato (Thank you in Japenses) to Okasian who brought Keith Ape out on the  "It G Ma" song. The south Korean rapper has a soulful rap style mixed with a little trap. The song “Walking” (Remix) has a trap music jazz feeling like Bryson Tiller meets Younf Thug. Let Bryan Cha$e lay soft but strong vocals on the beat for the "Walking" (Remix) song.

The last two artist's are Diplo meets ChrisBrown, Techno and rap and R&B isn’t just for American artist,  G-Dragon of Korea mixes music coming from an down south meets techno, make you want to crunk and pop and lock, yes I’m bringing them back. Since I can't understand the lyrics all I can do is move and dance lol 


Like the first time I listened to the music of Japanese and Korean Rappers WOW! I can dance enjoy all day even with the language change. Enjoy the newly discovered coming to America and one of the only female rappers on the list who branched from her group 2NEI.


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