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Skincare Junkie

Posted on September 26 2016

"Skincare Junkie, what's that?"

A woman who keeps a strong cabinet full of skincare that works and extra products on the back burner waiting to be tried out. Here comes the skincare junkie to sort through the bathroom cabinet and give tips on what works. The addiction is out of hand, and my favorite skincare line is the Nature Republic. It has been the remedy to all my skincare problems and the most alluring dream of dreams this past summer. This product has made me feel so confident I can to go makeup free with no worries. 

Since launching this blog, I've been dying to share some skincare and makeup tips with you all. When off to an event, date or catching up with friends a woman wants to be confident and fun, but most importantly looking effortlessly and daring to the world. Happiness is the best beauty secret; but we can't skip great skincare and makeup that last all day and the night full of snapchats stories and Instagram post.

Starting with the face and all the way down to the shoe choice is a statement. What to wear or what's the best color you look great in is a start of an outfit, but ultimately the skincare regime and makeup choice are the crown to your clothing.

Four Things to learn about skincare and makeup.

1. Serums and Toners are everything !!!

If you have acne Prone Sensitive Skin or dry skin tends to lack moisture and luminosity becoming dry and matte when placing makeup. One of the reasons I love this skincare lines water like texture that has a slightly sticky formula until absorbed into the skin. So refreshing and light.

Nature's Republic Premium Snail solution skincare is full of 70% snail mucin, the natural healing quality from snails can rejuvenate skin, fine lines, and wrinkles with a hint of plumpness added. While leaving the skin with a healthy glow. An Eco- friendly solutions I'm just getting into toners and it made a big difference. To fight free radicals in the air, this snail solution from France is a dream skincare product.

Toner: Used while skin is still moist, place a small amount on a cotton pad, the Snail solution 90 Skin Booster.

Serum: Snail Solution Emulsion

2. The balance of moisture and supple skin
Yup! I use the whole skincare line. :) Absolutely love it !

Creme: Snail Solutions Essence

3. Sunscreen is an Unsung Hero for protection.

The festivals this summer, travel, and being a sun bunny this summer calls for the saving grace of a hero like a sunscreen. Wear at all times to reduce skin damage. Yogurt is a natural anti inflammatory , cooling the skin and reducing puffiness while protecting you. This sunscreen has the added benefit of not looking ashy on the skin like others.

Suncare Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 

4. Makeup is Simple. 

Concealer, lips and go.

Concealer: NARS Radiant Creamy concealer

Lips: Vaseline


 "Love the skin you're in"


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